Fix VMware Workstation Pro Can't Run on Windows: One of the error messages that you may encounter when using VMware Workstation Pro is the error message VMware Workstation Pro Can't Run on Windows. The error message indicates that the version you're running on your system isn't compatible with Windows, which can be a bit ridiculous when you were running it fine before.

Instructions for 6 ways to fix VMware Workstation Pro Can't Run on Windows error

Fix VMware Workstation Pro Can't Run on Windows

The Program Compatibility Assistant tool on Windows, used to look for any compatibility issues with the programs you run on your operating system, that prevent VMware Workstation Pro 14 or earlier versions from running on the system. system. In some cases the problem can even be encountered on Workstation Pro 15 but that's about it. Try 6 ways to fix VMware Workstation Pro Can't Run on Windows error.

# Rename the VMware Workstation Pro executable file

  • First of all, open a File Explorer window .
  • Then navigate to the folder where VMware Workstation Pro is installed. By default, you will find it in the VMware folder located inside the Program Files (x86) folder in the Windows installation drive.
I can't install windows on vmware pro 1
  • Right click on vmware.exe and select rename you want to change.
  • After you've done that, go ahead and try launching it. In case it doesn't work, restart your computer to see if VMware Workstation Pro Can't Run on Windows has been fixed.

# Uninstall specific Windows updates

  • Press Windows key + I . Then on Windows Settings , make your way to Update and Security .
  • There, on the Windows Update tab, click the View update history option .
I can't install windows on vmware pro 2
  • On the View update history screen, click the Uninstall  updates option .
  • Find KB4517389, KB4524147, and KB4517211 for these updates and select them. If you can't find all of them but only one is present, that's okay. Simply select that.
I can't install windows on vmware pro 3
  • Once you've done that, you can also choose to stop receiving updates to prevent any such problems by clicking on the Pause updates for 7 days option on the previous Windows Update screen.

# Disable compatibility support

  • Open Run and type gpedit.msc navigate to:
Computer Configuration > Windows Components > Application Compatibility 
  • Then on the right side, double-click Turn off Application Compatibility Engine to open its properties.
I can't install windows on vmware pro 4
  • On the policy window that appears, select the option Disabled – Apply  – OK .

# Unblock VMware Workstation Pro with Reg File

  • First of all, download the required reg file from here .
  • Once downloaded, go ahead and run the file and when prompted, click the Yes button.
  • Your VMware Workstation Pro should be up and running again without any problems.

# Unblock VMware Workstation with ADK

  • First of all, visit the Windows ADK page by clicking here .
  • There, click the Download the Windows ADK option to download the installer.
  • Once the installer has downloaded, go ahead and run it.
  • Make sure that the first option i.e. Install the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit to this computer is selected when the installation wizard opens. Next .
I can't install windows on vmware pro 5
  • On the Select the features you want to install page , make sure to select Application Compatibility Tools at the top. You can uncheck everything else if you want.
I can't install windows on vmware pro 6
  • Finally, press Install l to start the installation.
  • Once the installation is done, open the Start Menu and search for Compatibility Administrator . Open it up.
  • Then, expand the Applications list in the System Database .
  • From the list of applications, find VMware Workstation Pro and select it.
I can't install windows on vmware pro 7
  • On the right side, for entries that say HARDBLOCK next to AppHelp, right-click its .exe file and select Disable  Entry from the drop-down menu.
  • VMware will now be unblocked and you should be able to use it without any problems.

# Upgrade VMware Workstation Pro

One way to fix it is to simply uninstall VMware Workstation Pro from your system and then download the latest version available. Once downloaded, you can install it and there should be no problem.