Error "VMware Cannot Connect the Virtual Device sata0:1" is quite common when you use VMware virtual machine, this article will guide you to fix the above error.

How to fix VMware Cannot connect the virtual device sata01 . error

Method 1. Fix errors with the No . option

When the error as shown below appears, instead of clicking Yes by feeling, click No . After every time you start the virtual machine, you will no longer see this error pop up.

Fixed bug with No . option

Method 2. Erase the virtual CD/DVD drive

Step 1: Right-click on the virtual machine (1) => Settings (2) .

Select Settings

Step 2: You click on the CD/DVD (SATA) item (1) => select Remove (2) => OK (3) .

Select Remove

With a simple, quick guide, you will no longer have the above error when opening a virtual machine with VMwareGood luck!